Tired of Feeling Tired After You Run

With 75% of Americans being chronically dehydrated the odds are it’s you! Even though you are drinking plenty of water before during and after your run most of its going right through you. It does this because it’s lacking the right balance of minerals and electrolytes. Hydro-Run™ is a proven formula that infuses dehydrated blood […]

Most Runners and Walkers Are Clueless

If you have injuries, unusual pains, excess or prolonged soreness, cramps, blisters, heavy breathing, nausea, clammy shin or dry mouth during or after your fitness routine this post is for you. This information does not apply to those training to be or are elite athletes but the vast majority training to finish their next race no […]

Eight-Time Marathon Finisher and Inventor Arrested

A runner and inventor was arrested after police determined his product may actually be detrimental to trainers and weight loss coaching businesses. To make matters worse the arresting officer said, “His invention is extremely convenient and easy to use so walkers and runners tend to stay properly hydrated, helping them achieve their fitness and weight […]

Important Announcement About Hydration

We’ve all heard advice about hydration. Now let’s listen to some true experts, USA Track & Field Organization and Tim Noakes. Although the research is focused on marathon runners it’s solid hydration advice for any walker of runner wanting to reach their fitness and weight loss goals faster while feeling better doing it. GUIDELINE # […]

Michelle Obama Gets It

What does Michelle Obama get? The importance of balance while walking and running! Huffington Post article published promoting the “Drink Up” campaign focused on hydrating with water as opposed to sweetened beverages. http://bit.ly/m-obama. This is important and needed! The Drink Up campaign could have been better if it provided a solution for people to drink while exercising. Fortunately […]