I carry a single water bottle when I run. Does this really effect me negatively?

Absolutely! Just look at any runner or walker from behind that carries something in one hand and not the other. What you will witness for yourself a body not working in a a proper fluent manner.

I carry a phone when I run and want to use just one bottle. Is this okay?

Yes! The best part is now you will be working your body in a more even balanced way!

I don’t like carrying anything when running or walking. How is HYDRO by APG any different?

1. HYDRO by APG bottles are ergonomically designed to envelope the hand so they rest comfortably in the hand making them virtually effortless to hold.

2. The large hand opening is for your four fingers to insert through so bottle rest on the top part of your hand, between the forefinger and thumb.

3. Has trigger and valve system to let you easily open with thumb or forefinger. To drink simply use trigger and lift and tilt bottle to mouth for easy convenient hydration while exercising.

4. Each bottle weighs 20 oz full and only 5 oz empty and hold 15 oz of hydration fluid choice when filled to top through spout.

5. HYDRO by APG’s patented trigger and valve system lets you dispensing fluid at your desired flow rate.

Why is using HYDRO by APG hydration system advantageous over me carrying disposable bottle?

The patented HYDRO by APG hydration system is ergonomically designed to encourage proper form and posture while running and walking. This benefit of balance can help the body in developing better posture and form.

Carrying a single disposable water bottle is expensive over time in several ways. Eats up energy by requiring the you to grip the bottle causing the muscles in the arm to tighten all the way up through the shoulder while and throws out your rhythm, gait and stride which leads to more frequent injuries.

If I drink from one bottle and not the other will it negatively effect me?

No, although imbalance is a big issue a few ounces will not negatively affect your rhythm, gait or stride.


Are there advantages to being able to add weights? What about other attachments?

Adding weight attachments while exercising adds resistance. This strengthen your arms and shoulders while also burning a few extra calories without adding more time to your workout.

Other attachments coming soon and their benefits are:
Weights to build muscles

Flashlight to see-be seen

Bluetooth speaker to jam down road

Stun gun for personal safety

Mace for personal safety

Thermal Wrap to keep hydration fluid cold or warm, etc.

How much hydration fluid does each HYDRO by APG bottle hold?

A bottle holds 12 oz with lid off. With lid on you can fill through spout a bottle holds 15 oz. Depending on length of your workout you have the option to carry up to 30 oz of you favorite hydration fluid in the Ultimate Hydration Aid(TM) for hours of hydration.


Are my HYDRO by APG bottles able to be cleaned in dishwasher?

Yes, HYDRO by APG bottles are safe in top rack dishwasher.

I run and sometimes walk for 20 to 30 minutes so do I really need to hydrate during this short fitness activity?


  1. It helps you develop a great hydration habit that will help you as your endurance increases.
  2. You begin dehydrating as soon as it starts sweating.
  3. You do not notice the negative effects of dehydrated for about 45 minutes into your exercise and then it’s too late.
  4. Proper hydration is essential for peak performance.
  5. Proper hydration facilitates the flushing of lactic acid out of the body so that the body feels better during and after your fitness activity while being less sore so recover faster!
  6. Dehydration can cause nausea so stay properly hydrated helps prevent this feeling.

Are HYDRO by APG bottles environmentally friendly?

YES! HYDRO by APG bottles do not leach BPA or phosphate and are made bottles are made from recycled propylene plastic.