Michelle Obama Gets It

What does Michelle Obama get? The importance of balance while walking and running!

Huffington Post Photo

Huffington Post Photo

Huffington Post article published promoting the “Drink Up” campaign focused on hydrating with water as opposed to sweetened beverages. http://bit.ly/m-obama. This is important and needed!

The Drink Up campaign could have been better if it provided a solution for people to drink while exercising. Fortunately now there is an easy convenient solution that is simple and easy to use. If you combine this solution with other beneficial attributes it imparts you have more than a home run, you have a grand slam.

We believe if you already carry a single water bottles during your exercise routine you will love what you see!

This is why APG encourages every runner and walker to have a look at The Ultimate Hydration Aid™ Hydro™! www.apgrocks.com

About the author:

John Hobbs is an 8-time marathon finisher. He sustained an injury training for what was going to be his 1st marathon, Walt Disney World 2000 Marathon. Dehydration was the major contributing factor causing the injury. Then over a 3-year period he gained 100lbs. He then got a dog, Keywee, http://bit.ly/keywee1, and started walking his way back to a healthy trim life.

John is a published author, The Secrets of Successful Inventors, Invention of Hydro™, on the market now. He is also the Founder of Athletes Performance Gear, Inc. (APG™). APG™ Provides Beneficial Products for Fitness-Minded Individuals. John’s favorite title is Husband of a brilliant, beautiful and talented wife and step-father of a truly remarkable step-son.

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