HYDRO Silver

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  • 2 HYDRO by APG Silver
  • 2 FREE HYDRO by APG Weight Attachments

Order Now! Why? Hydration while exercising has been proven to improve your athletic performance and recovery time.

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Stainless Steel Valve System

Stainless Steel Valve System

HYDRO by APG bottles are ergonomically designed to encourage proper form and posture while running or walking. Combine this with convenience and easy to use makes proper hydration while exercising is easier to maintain.

Proper hydration while exercising is known to help people achieve their fitness goals faster in several ways. 1) Prevents injuries due to dehydration 2) Feel better during and after workout 3) Less chance of cramping during or after exercise 4) Less lactic acid build up while exercising 5) Recover quicker because of less lactic acid buildup 6) Help skin and all internal organs function better 7) Allows oxygenated blood to flow much easier throughout your entire body 8) Etc.

Easy To Open and Fill When Out For An Extended Workout!!!

Easy To Open and Fill When Out For An Extended Workout!!!

Your HYDRO by APG hydration system consists of:

  • 2 HYDRO by APG bottles
  • Designed to envelop your hands making them comfortable and ergonomic to use.
  • To drink you simply use the trigger that opens the valve allowing you to control how much and how fast or slow you want the flow of your hydration fluid.
  • Use in pairs encouraging proper posture and form without negatively effecting rhythm, gait or stride. (Note: Carrying a single water bottle adversely effects your rhythm, gait, stride, form and posture and can lead to negative effects on the body.)
  • Bottles hold 15ozs each, 30ozs total, for hours of hydration without stopping. (Note: Last 3ozs must be filled through stout that water is dispensed from.)
  • Bottles weight about 20ozs full and 5ozs empty so unlike weights they get lighter, never becoming a burden to carry.
  • You can add FREE weight attachments to help build muscles in arm and shoulder while burning a few additional calories.
  • By purchasing now all future attachments that will be added soon are yours at 50% off retail. A few future attachments in the works:
    • Flashlight with strobe so you can see and be seen.
    • Bluetooth speaker to jam down road.
    • Stun gun for personal safety.
    • Mace for personal safety.
    • Thermal wraps to keep fluid cold or warm longer.
    • Key, ID and money holder.
    • Others not thought of yet!
  • Go ahead a get yours today! Thanks!
    • 2 HYDRO by apg FREE weight attachments
  • The FREE weights are provided for though looking to add to their workout. Plus so those of you that do not want weights can see how other attachments will attach.

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